Mobile Plans For Businesses

Our mobile plans, unfortunately, are not available to the general public and are only available to direct businesses of more than 35 staff.

We know that paying for 30 different mobile phone plans can get extremely expensive for any business. We bundle our deals and appropriately give you a massive saving. We believe in being of value in every aspect our business operates in.

So not only will we give your organization a massive saving we also give you a dedicated account manager that will be there with you every step of the way. You will never have to deal with an overseas account manager that potentially you cant understand in the first place.

Have your choice of phone when signing up

When you decide to take advantage of our business you will have your choice of what phones you will like your business to acquire. Each individual staff member can have a different phone. I=-Phone, Samsung Galaxy you name it we will provide it to your business. Our call rates are second to none and we believe we can save you thousands of dollars with our amazing deals.

How long is the contract

Our contracts are all 2-year contracts on mobile phone plans. We are not here to stitch you into detailed contracts that no one understands and has you paying for extras every time you need to make an adjustment. Our plans are flexible and fair, with the same type of service to match. We believe in good old fashioned service and look forward to being your service provider in the very near future. Call us now to inquire about our mobile phone plans.

Overseas Call Rates

Our overseas call rates are simply second to none. We can save your business a massive amount of money if they are consistently calling overseas. Our phone deals to Asia are the best in the market and our closest competitor does not come anywhere near us on value and price. Start today by contacting us for a free onsite inspection and quote. Take advantage of this service as we can not run it forever. Soon our audits will be charged out at a set rate.