Phone Systems

If you are sick and tired of using a bad phone system to drive your business we highly recommend changing providers now!

We stock and supply services for Commander, Telstra, Optus, TPG and many more suppliers in the Australian phone system market.

We made a name for ourselves in the photocopying game and have now expanded into business phone systems and mobile broadband.

We believe in high-quality service with the latest options in all current technology. From choosing your next provider to providing an honest no BS audit and recommendation it is our mandate to see the job through to the beginning to the end.

If leasing is your preferred option we can offer 3-5 year contracts that are fair honest and transparent.

Becoming your next provider is a goal for our business and we would like to set a ten-minute appointment in which we give your organization a look into the future with what the market is offering as the latest technology. From top to bottom we are totally transparent in what we make and what your needs are.

Business telephone systems

If you are looking for a one-stop shop to fit out your office we have over 2000 products that will fully equip even the highest tech office in the country.

Gone are the days of having ten different bills and 10 different suppliers our NBN programs and option are world class and we are extremely proud to bring these services to the Australian market, we are a top to bottom supplier with no job being too big, and no job being too small.